semih yalman
you are your other half
visual arts

perception strategy
story architecture
academic content
In motion I shall…

Horizontally a combination of a strategist and artist
Vertically an activist and explorer
One word to describe: restless
Topics: perception, love, social development/innovation, inner journeying, nothingness
Values: aesthetics, imagination, passion and rhythm
Reason of being: is to poke
Core is: to produce
Philosophy is: you are your other half
Believes in: Divine Love
Quest: to be lean, flexible, patient and simple
Career: to be in service where ever his skills are needed
Views: if there is a moment in which you don't learn from than you are not breathing
Loves: to fall in love
Skills: public performance and writing
Expertise: perception modeling
Business style: practical, keep trying, fast, fun, aesthetic
In favor of: spiral movement and resonance
Applauds: debate and reasoning
Flow: discover, express, perceive, coexist and start again
Paradigm shift topic: science and religion has to unite for evolution of human kind
Crucible: conscience
Needs to learn: to let go
Question: why?
Passion: movement in yoga & sailing
Publications: books, articles, CDs & still writing…
Past: great family, ivy schools, multiple countries, big corporations, wrong but achieved dreams
Dream is: to keep on dreaming
Most important project: Şan & Sim
Favorite job: university
Most valuable: family

Result: still incomplete...

Social inclusion & dream platform
Enables dreamers to express themselves freely